SG HealthCare Body Spin Review


I bought an “SG HealthCare Body Spin” a year ago because of some really bad muscle cramps I was having in my legs.

The product looks like this! I love the pink color of the roller. The design’s pretty and simple.

Photograph I took of the roller at my house

How to use

Press the “Power” button and you’ll see a glow of “Lo” on the pink surface. Press it one more time and you’ll have a “Hi”. Press it again, and it’ll switch off. It’s quite easy to use!

The product comes with a free “Body Spin Hot Fitting Massager Cream”.

How the body spin works

1. Cellulite care

It’s hard to get rid of these annoying lumps of cellulite with just stretching. Physically exerting pressure on the cellulite area is apparently the best way to reduce the surface area/severity.

2. Swelling of legs/edema

Exerting pressure and vibration on the calves helps to improve lymphatic circulation. In the long run, that improves conditions like face swelling, dark circles, pimples and cold hands/feet.

How to use (adapted from the body spin website)

Lower body: in the order of abdomen < bottoms < thighs < calves

  1. Abdomen

Use in a round circle around the belly button. On the lower side of the ribs, move the massager in a downward motion. On the upper side of the ribs, move the massager upward toward the armpits.

2. Bottoms

From the lower half of the bottoms, move the massager in small circles, upward.

3. Thighs

Pause at the Y-zone for about 10 seconds. Then, from the knees to the Y-zone move the massager up slowly

4. Calves

Pause on the middle of the calves for about 10 seconds. Then, move the massager from the ankles to the calves

5. Arms

Lift arm up. Move massager from the elbow to the armpit as if you’re pulling it toward the armpit. Pause at the armpit for about 10 seconds.

6. Neck area

If you’re going to use the massager on your right side, turn your head to the left side. (and vice versa) Move the massager from below the ears to the trapezius area, lightly.

*Note: these are the instructions on the website but I don’t particularly pay attention to them hehe- who has time to read through all the how-tos? I just rub the body spin up and down my calves cuz that’s where I always get my muscle cramps.

My take

The body spin is electronic, so you don’t have to exert effort using it like you would have to for massage balls. It’s also pretty light, so if you get muscle cramps a lot, it wouldn’t be too troublesome putting this thing into your luggage/bag.

I was thinking it’d be hard to clean the dust that can collect under the area with the four wheel-like rollers, but I realized the whole set can be detached from and attached back to the body of the product really quite easily.

Another perk of the product is that it’s waterproof. I read somewhere some customers use this while they’re in the hot bath to roll it on their stiff muscles.

The product doesn’t strongly massage my legs as effectively as other devices like the OSIM Massage Chair- even the “Hi” didn’t massage my legs as strongly. But considering the size and portability of the body spin, I think it’s not that bad.

The body cream might not exactly be for everyone. I liked the smell and smooth texture of the cream, but the area of my leg I put the cream on turned red, itchy and red after a while. If the cream isn’t compatible with your skin, you could try using any other lotion you have, or do away with cream altogether.

One inconvenience is that at least for the body spin I purchased, since the product is from Korea, it came with a two-legged charger (since it’s from Korea), so I had to use an adapter to charge it.

I bought the product for approximately 149, 000 Won, which is about S$172.

The last time I checked (July 2020), it can be purchased for about S$400 on Q0010 in Singapore. Not a cheap item, definitely, but I considered the product to be worth the price, especially since my legs get cramped and tired easily.

Here’s a “how to” video by the company “Body Spin” itself. It’s in Korean, but the actions are pretty self-explanatory.

The “Body Spin” website I referred to for the how-to and tips on using the massager:

That’s it for this review! Hope you’ve found this post useful. If you did, please give it a like/comment! It’ll be even better if you follow my blog “Han Style” 🙂

Cheers, Han Sol

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