“Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact & Powder” review


I have oily skin.

If you have oily skin, you will know exactly what that means. It means showering in the morning and seeing my face/hair oily by noon.

The fact that I live in Singapore, an all-year round summer country, (humid/hot/rainy) doesn’t help much.

After years of spending my school life trying all sorts of not-so-helpful things (like washing my face or wiping my hair), I stumbled upon this glorious product:

“Why did I find out about this product only now?”

“No-Sebum Mineral Pact” from Innisfree (with Jeju natural mineral and natural originated mint, 8.5g/0.29 oz)

It comes in this small grey box:

It works just like a make-up foundation pact.

After giving a few pats with the cushion, I dab the cushion on my skin/hair. (I use one for hair and the other for skin). It immediately makes my hair/skin look less oily.

It looks like this inside:

My used pact

This is its sister product:

This powder form is 0.17oz/5g, compared to the 0.29oz/8.5g for the pact. It looks like this inside:

My used powder case

The pact version is slightly thinner than the powder version as you can see:

The pact version seems a bit wider than the powder version:

The pact version costs S$17.00, according to the Innisfree website. The powder version costs $10.00 (couldn’t find the one exactly the same as mine).

The products are available on sites like iHerb and Amazon, but I think the most convenient & cheapest way of purchasing these products is by just walking into an Innisfree store– as of 2020 August, there are 17 Innisfree stores in Singapore.

Here’s my take:


-Both products are very good at absorbing skin & hair sebum

-Compact; they’re both 5-6cm, so you can easily keep them in a small handbag/pocket of your bag.

-Aesthetically pleasing cases & nice blue color

-A way for you to keep your face from looking oily without having to put on foundation make-up


-Not exactly a limitation of the product itself; you’ll have to make sure you don’t dab too much powder on your skin/hair, or you’ll look like you were just snowed on. (I have experience)

-Personally, I find the powder case a little troublesome to open and close. (If you don’t close the lid properly, the powder might spill in your bag/pocket) That’s why I prefer the pact case, which I can close much faster than the powder case.

-Another reason I prefer the pact version to the powder version; for the pact form, I can simply dab on the pact with the cushion and then dab it on my skin/hair. For the powder version, I’ll have to tilt the case so that powder will come out of the holes onto cushion.

That’s it for this review! Hope you’ve found this post informative. If you did, please give it a like/comment! It’ll be even better if you follow my blog “Han Style” 🙂

Cheers, Han Sol

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