“Dancing Fish” (Tangs) review


Just a few days ago, I visited “Dancing Fish” at Tangs, Singapore with my mum. It’s a diner on the 4th level of Tangs, a shopping mall in Orchard, Singapore. (Just a heads-up, when you scan the Singpass QR code, you’ll get a “Gratia Pte. Ltd” instead of something like “Dancing Fish”.)

According to “Sethlui.com”, a food/travel/nightlife blog, “Dancing Fish” is “an award-winning Malay-Indo restaurant from Kuala Lumpur with mildly spicy dishes to set your palates tingling.’

When we sat at the table, we were told that a physical copy of the menu would not be offered. I very much liked the fact that we could view the menu by scanning a QR code placed on the table. This is the menu in pdf form. I also liked the clean, calming atmosphere. The restaurant felt generally very well kept, with clean wood-patterned tables and simple lighting. From where I sat, I could even see Ion and its adjacent buildings.

The menu is quite neatly categorized (e.g. “Appetizers”, “Salad”, etc) and there were helpful descriptions of the dishes under the titles, but because I was unfamiliar with Malay-Indo cuisine, my mum, who’d been to the place before, ordered the food.

Tofu, rice and squid

The food was honestly really good. The squid was chewy, soft and marinated just right in the sauce. The “tahu taleur”, described in the menu as “a tower of tahu and flossy egg mixture, served with our tangy special sambal tahu sauce”, seemed intimidating at first because of its height (“How do I disassemble this without spilling everything”), but it crumbled easily and was easy to eat. The outer skin was crispy and the inside soft and sweet. (hungry again) The bowl of yellow rice had both delicious taste and scent. It was my first time with the vegetable dish (still can’t remember the name), and it was so good. The vegetables tasted fresh and the sauce was aptly sweet. Next time I visit the restaurant, I’d definitely want to try new dishes, but I’d order the dishes above too.

Overall- calming ambience, nice and clean scent & tables, friendly staff, very good food- a 5/5!

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