5 Best places to study in Singapore

For the 12ish years I’ve been living in Singapore, I’ve experimented with different libraries and cafes to study in during my exam periods.

Here are my TOP 5 places to study in Singapore.

1. Starbucks at Paragon

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Photo credits

Address: 290 Orchard Rd, #B1-34 Paragon Shopping Centre, Singapore 238859

Opening hours: 0730~2200


-Well air conditioned not tooo cold. Just a thin jacket would do

-Near many food outlets/stores, easy to get a bite after studying

-Nicely scented, smell

-Clean and minimalistic aesthetics

-Friendly ans helpful staff


-No charging ports (unless I’m unable to find them)

-May be noisy during peak hours since Paragon is in Orchard after all. Not exactly a con, considering Starbucks is a cafe not library meant for studying

-Hard wooden chairs; uncomfortable to sit for long hours; again not exactly a con considering the place is a cafe after all

2. Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

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Photo Credits

Address: 100 Victoria Street, #07-00 to #13-00, National Library Building, 188064

Opening hours: 1000~2100

Update on opening hours: in view of the coronavirus situation, the library has come up with measures (which slightly affect the time periods we can use the library) to reduce the risk of transmission. Visit the website to find out more.


-Quiet and very conducive for studying; most people at the library are actually studying/doing work quietly

-Many tables available

-Near hawker Center, food outlets, 7-eleven, etc. Also near Bras Basah complex; I used to visit for second hand books and top ten school papers

-2km walking distance from Clementi MRT station

-Abundant charging ports available


-Packed during exam periods; during my A level period when I used to frequent the place with my friend, if we arrived 30 min past the opening hour of 10am, we’d see the library almost fully filled with students

-Tends to be slightly cold, although bearable. You might want to make sure to bring a jacket.

3. Starbucks at United Square

Photo credits
Photo credits
Photo credits

Address: 101 Thomson Rd, #01-01 United Square, Singapore 307591

Opening hours: 0800-2200


-Good aesthetics; a simple but beautiful Starbucks

-Very near Novena MRT


-Honestly very cold, at least for me. I do have low tolerance for the cold considering I’m originally from Korea (with 4 Seasons), but this Starbucks feels much colder than the above mentioned places. I’d suggest a thick, warm jacket.

-No charging ports (unless I missed them)

-Quite crowded, so you might only want to study here if you’re fine with some noise

4. Starbucks at Tanglin Mall

Photo credits
Photo credits

Opening hours: 0700-2200

Address: 163 Tanglin Rd, #01-13, Singapore 247933


-In Tanglin Mall, which has quite a few food outlets/confectionery stores

-Not that many, but a few charging ports

-Both hard wooden chairs and comfortable sofa seating

-Not cold (might not need even a thin jacket)


-It’s situated inside Tanglin Mall but is very near the entrance, which has automatic glass doors. That means quite a few birds fly in, even into Starbucks itself. If you’re scared of doves, this Starbucks isn’t the place for you.

-Might be a little warm sometimes; the automatic doors let the air conditioning out

5. Library at Esplanade

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Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, #03-01, Singapore 039802

Opening hours: 1100~2100


-Situated in Esplanade; you can catch a free concert/attend its affordable concerts/musicals

-Near food outlets&other cafes like “The Coffee Bean & Tea leaf” at level 1 (which is also great for studying)

-Usually quiet and conducive for studying


-There may be recitals/mini events held in the library sometimes

-Doesn’t have that many seats; you’ll have to go as soon as the library opens if you want to secure a seat

-Quite cold

-I don’t recall it having charging ports

It’s October, which means end of year exam period for many of us 🤩🤯 Hope you found the list helpful! If you did, it’ll be great if you give this post a “like” and/or follow my blog “Han Style” for more updates 🙂


Han Seol

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