My 5 Favorite Korean Study Vloggers

Sometimes when I simply don’t have the motivation to start studying, watching study vloggers helps me to have the urge to suddenly take out my most aesthetically pleasing highlighters, pens and school books.

Here are my top favorite vloggers who motivate me to study.

1. Sarang Choi (273k)

Sarang Choi is a Korean dentristy student studying and living in the US with her husband. She uploads videos on everything from “Study with me”, Qna on studying abroad, vlogs to beauty tips. Her videos are both in English and Korean. (with subs)

There’s something about her diligence, positive attitude and of course, the beautiful aesthetics of her videos which make me want to start studying!

Insta: @sarangdmd

2. 수야_mi_SUYA (168k)

mi_suya is a Korean medical student studying in Korea. It’s admirable to see how her days are productive and fruitful. She usually uploads “a day in the life” videos where she cooks three healthy, delicious looking meals, attends lectures, studies for exams and hangs out with her friends. Occasionally, she shares a few tips on how to study for exams effectively.

Insta: not known

3. 의대생TV / Med student TV (123k)

This channel features super hardworking, dedicated and statuesque(!) medical students in South Korea who motivate viewers with how they make 24 hours as productive as 48 hours.

A few of the students themselves have Instagram and YouTube channels where they also upload study vlogs/tips/a day in the life videos.

4. 리시후니 ShiHoonie (18.2k) & 공부하는 리시후니 Studying ShiHoonie (13.2k)

Lee Shi Hoon is a Korean law school student studying in South Korea and was featured in the TV series “Good People” (by producers of the show “Heart Signal”), a competitive internship program in which the final top 3 would be offered positions in a law firm.

He doesn’t have English subs for this main vlog/daily life channel yet, but he does live study-with-me videos on the “공부하는 리시후니 Studying ShiHoonie” channel. It’s inspiring to see how he’s tirelessly, steadfastly studying- it’s no wonder he’s from both Seoul National University and Yonsei University Law School, the two top schools in Korea.

Insta: @leeshihoonie

5. 의대생 소리_Soree (25.8K)

Soree is a Korean medical student studying in South Korea. She’s part of the team of medical students of “Med Student TV” and occasionally uploads study/day in the life /what’s in my bag videos on her personal channel.

Insta: @_sssounddd_

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