3 reasons I like living in Singapore

It’s been 10+years since I’ve moved from my home country South Korea to Singapore, the country of Merlion, Esplanade, all-year-round-summer and much more. Here are 3 reasons I like living in this “little red dot” island nation.

Photo by Adhitya Andanu on Pexels.com

It has summer all year round.

Photo by Hoang Loc on Pexels.com

Aside from the fact that living in an all-year-summer country means being prone to getting freckles and wider pores, summer here’s great, at least for me.

Having the same season 365 days a year means not having to go through the time, energy and money-consuming process of throwing out old clothes, buying new clothes, stuffing past-season clothes into boxes, and repeating this cycle every year.

Plus, most indoor places in Singapore are well air-conditioned and everywhere in Singapore is well-connected by underpasses, MRTs (trains), sheltered pathways and trees that I don’t have to walk long distances under the hot sun.

Maybe it’s just that I have much higher tolerance for warmth rather than the cold, but the summer in Singapore isn’t unbearably hot, either. I don’t particularly like the humidity here, though. On days there’s no rain, no clouds and both sun & humidity, I would prefer not to go outside.

There’s low social tolerance for racism.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

Maybe it’s because Singapore is such a diverse country that the people here are so used to meeting people vastly different from them, but most people here generally welcoming & accepting of & civilized toward people who’re from/with a different country/socioeconomic status/religion.

Harboring some preconceived notions or stereotypes regarding certain groups of people may be perhaps an inevitable instinct- especially for people we have little experience interacting with. But the people here are generally civilized, educated people- educated in the sense that they know it’s simply not manners to outright mistreat others based on their limited understanding & knowledge.

The government doesn’t just sit on the sidelines pretending not to notice minorities living in the country subjected to bullying and abuse. It may not be perfect, but puts in effort to ensure that those who threaten the racial and religious harmony of Singapore, those who hurt and condemn others simply for skin color or their beliefs, are taught a lesson.

It’s safe.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Guns, drugs, sporadic gang fights, and everything in between, are more of rare, shocking blue moon occurrences rather than casual occupants on front pages of daily newspapers.

Singapore is no utopia of crimelessness. Crimes do happen here; it would be foolish to completely let down one’s guard in Singapore and anywhere else in the world. But statistically speaking, there is a much lower chance of being the victim of kidnap/pickpocketing/murder/theft/drug dealing/shooting in Singapore than in other countries.

It’s the kind of a country that if I had a daughter years down the road, I’d definitely consider raising her here. A country that’s safe for women to live in, a country is the kind of a country Singapore is.

The reason for the high level of safety and security in this country, is that the law makers & law enforcers here do their jobs, very well. Those who threaten the safety of the law-abiding people here are immediately and strictly given their punishment, only released back to society when they are deemed to be capable of integrating back into society.

Some say Singapore has strict laws, but I’m not sure if they’re really considered that strict. If you’re a common, law-abiding citizen of the world with a conventional common sense of knowing what’s wrong and good, what’s bad for you and other people living in the world with you, there shouldn’t be many occasions you feel that the law is strict.

It’s really just a matter of preference, of trade-off and choice. I’d rather not have the freedom of purchasing a gun and walk out to the streets feeling safe, and Singapore is a country which makes people here feel protected enough to not purchase weapons for self-protection.

~ *~

These are my top 3 reasons I’ve enjoyed living in Singapore for the past 10+ years. Hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, please give me a “like”! If you’ve had a chance to live in Singapore or are living in Singapore, it’ll be great if you can share your thoughts on this little red dot in the comment section below 🙂

Cheers, Han Seol

Check out beautiful vlogs of Singapore by Kyung6Film and wannabe_bora 🙂 (Subtitles included)

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