Day in the life of a uni student in Singapore

It’s only been about 3 months since my life as a college/uni freshman started, and I’m already feeling as busy/even busier than I was preparing for the A levels just last year.

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Here’s a look at 2 sample days- one with class and another with no class!

No Class day

0731-0849: Exercise; jogging + walking outside

0851-0930: Shower, breakfast, change

0930-1000: News reading

1030-1305: School project meeting over Zoom

1335-1439: Study for exam

1500-1600: Project group meeting with professor

1600-1745: Study for exam

1800-1839: Study for exam

1846-1938: Study for exam + homework

1945-2045: School project meeting over Zoom

2045-2200: Dinner, family time

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Class Day

0747-0839: Study for exam

0842-0910: Study for exam

0915-0927: Blog drafting

0930-1015: Exercise

1100-1400: Lecture

1400-1430: Reading

1430-1530: Lunch time with friends

1530-1830: Study for exam

1830-2030: Lecture

2030-2130: Commute back home

2130-2230: Shower, rest

2230-2330: Watch <Suits> and sleep

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Most of my days look like this- study for exams, project meetings, family time, lectures, homework, exercise…then project meetings…then project meetings (lol)- just busier on some days and more relaxed on others. (sigh)

To get glimpse of uni life in Singapore, check out vlogs below featuring the lives of students attending National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU)!

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