Am I wasting my time?

According to “16 Personalities”, I’m an ISTJ, which means I’m a pretty logical and organized person. (Yay but hmm..)

Theory Converted: 16 Personalities Personality Test Result Logistician  (ISTJ) Condensed And Categorised
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I’m a (mostly) utilitarian, practical person, especially when it comes to my life as a student.

That means I make important decisions guided by questions like “Is this necessary?”, “Is this required?” or “Is this wasting my time?”

So I’ve always envied the spontaneous type of people who have the courage of making quite major life decisions “on the whim”, like, deciding to take a gap year, travelling overseas or randomly picking up an instrument, even if these actions might not give them very tangible or concrete benefits for their career/academic lives, at least in the short run.

Then a few days ago, I came across writing by a Korean writer named Kang Ju Won,

강주원 "책 한권으로 얻은 카페…진심은 결국 통하더라"
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who uploaded this on his Instagram (loosely translated by me):

“I had a friend who could have worked for a big company, but chose to become a headhunter. The reason he chose this job was simple. He just wanted to try it. His hobby was making videos. One day, while we were drinking, he told me he recently filmed a video. He said it was a video about a game guessing words in Thai. I asked why he filmed the video, and he said it was for fun. He uploaded the video on Facebook and YouTube.

“The video my friend uploaded received massive response. Broadcasting companies from Thailand contacted him, and the number of subscribers on his Facebook and YouTube increased exponentially. When he walked down the streets, Thai tourists who’ve come to Korea would recognize him and ask for a signature.

“This friend is not in Korea. He’s working hard on something in Thailand. I didn’t ask exactly what he’s doing. He’s probably doing something he just wants to try out. His life will still probably move on well without a problem.

“What could have happened if he didn’t take the video? What would have happened if, thinking what good would filming a useless video do for my career, he didn’t press the record button? I’m not sure, but his life wouldn’t be the same as now.

“Sometimes the things we think are useless create new opportunities. The thought that leading the kind of a life doing what we like to do is a futile one can lock away any possibilities/potential.

“‘Just do it if there’s something you want to do.‘ That’s what I learned from my friend working on something fun in Thailand.”

Actress Seo Ye Ji, who recently starred in the popular series “It’s okay not to be okay”, first debuted in a sitcom called “Potato Star”, cast for many reasons, including that of her Spanish skills.

Seo Ye Ji speaking Spanish fluently in sitcom “Potato Star”

Her impressive Spanish skills are because of her decision to suddenly study in Spain just because studying Spanish was fun for her. That helped her tremendously in her path to becoming an actress!

Sometimes, the seemingly simple decision to do something we love takes a lot of courage. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide when’s the right time to be “realistic” or “practical”, and when’s the time to “follow our hearts” and do what we love, just because we want to.

My first try at doing something I love just because I want to, is blogging on “Hanstyle”. What’s your first? 🙂

Cheers, Han Seol

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