“Deliver us from evil” movie review

Photo credits. Movie “deliver us from evil” (2020)

I watched “Deliver us from evil” because three very good actors are in it- Lee Jung Jae, Hwang Jung Min and Park Jung Min.

Photo credits. Lee Jung Jae
Photo Credits. Hwang Jung Min
Photo credits. Park Jung Min

To get straight to the point, the movie was good, but it wasn’t exactly the kind I would watch again.

What I loved:

-The 3 main actors are known to for their insane acting chops. I think what made the movie as absorbing and thrilling as it was can be largely attributed to how absorbing and real-life they made their characters. Lee Jung Jae, starring as a thug/cruel killer exudes an aura of an intimidating, ruthless and cold blooded man through the screen. Hwang Jung Min, portraying a father whose wife had been killed and daughter kidnapped, portrays his desperation to find his daughter and a little jaded, tired state (jaded of the world of assassins) excellently. Park Jung Min does a fabulous job portraying a transgender woman who initially helps Hwang Jung Min’s character out of need for money, but later, with sincere familial love for him and his daughter.

-The action scenes were exciting, fast-paced and very well done. They served their purpose of adorning the movie very well.

What I didn’t exactly like:

The plot was okay but it wasn’t exactly super original, at least for me. (SPOILER ALERT) Trained killer/assassin man separated from his wife & daughter. Daughter is kidnapped and wife is killed. Man goes out to find daughter. But he faces an obstacle- he’d assassinated a man whose blood brother is a bloodthirsty, cruel and skilled fighter/thug. At the end, (ENDING SPOILER ALERT) daughter is saved but both men die. The plot was a little special because at the end, as the two men are dying, the thug remarks, “You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?”, and the assassin blows up the car they’re in. The thug also makes a comment in the middle of the movie, “I don’t know why I’m doing this anymore” when he’s asked why he wants to kill the assassin so badly. A sense of futility, the emptiness and nothingness of greed, blood thirst and revenge were conveyed through these lines, but I couldn’t help feel a little like the ending could’ve been better. But then again, this movie isn’t meant to be one focused on deep, philosophical meanings, and considering that, the characters and the plot are quite complex and meaningful.

-Maybe it’s because I have low tolerance for gore/cruelty, but some scenes in the movie were a little too cruel for me to bear watching them. (e.g. scenes in which the main character tortures bad guys to get information out of them)


It’s definitely worth a watch and I’d recommend it to those who’re interested in it. Those who don’t like fast paced/a little violent movies, this isn’t for you. Those who’re fans of action/revenge genre of movies, this movie is just the right one for you.

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