The Art of Zooming: Dos and Dont’s

I’ve spent the majority of the 3 months of my year 1 uni life on Zoom, and here are some do’s and don’ts of zoom meetings/school lessons I’ve picked up.


1. Go to a quiet place to zoom.

Unless you’re going to be in a zoom call where it’s 100% you won’t have to unmute yourself, go somewhere as quiet as possible to zoom.

Being in a noisy place means you can’t hear them and/or they can’t hear you, and it’s a really frustrating affair for everyone.

If you can’t help the noisy background, it’s manners to mute yourself when you’re not talking!

2. Switch on your camera

…if it’s the situation appropriate for you to do so. For example, if you’re consulting a professor, it’d be manners to show your face and say hi instead of only unmuting yourself.

If you’re in a conference and the others have switched on their cams, it might be manners to switch on yours as well. It doesn’t feel very nice feeling like you’re talking to a zoom ID instead of a real person, especially when your own cam is on.

3. Wear something presentable

…unless you’re with your close friends.

It’s always better to be over dressed than under dressed. When in doubt, go for the classic colors like black and white. They make even simple V neck tee shirts look more put together.

4. Make use of the “personal ID” function of Zoom.

If you don’t have a premium Zoom account and you send an “invite” link, you’ll have to create new zoom meetings every time the 45 min’s up.

If you send the meeting participants your personal zoom ID invite link, they can simply click on it again, and you won’t have to create new meetings.


1. Forget your camera/mic situation.

Really nothing awkward than inadvertently listening on to some private conversation about phone bills, next door neighbour or anything like that in a professional call.

2. Forget your background

Pretty self explanatory. If you’re not going to use a virtual background, make sure you’re not flaunting your laundry or bed sheets!

3. Be too afraid of awkward situations.

When I first started joining Zoom school project meetings, speaking up was a little hard.

It wasn’t not so much because I was shy but because I was afraid I would accidentally talk over others and create awkward situations.

Even in face to face meetings, it’s hard to fully gauge others’ non verbal cues and catch the right timing to speak up.

But everyone feels like that, not just me and you. Just start talking and let awkward situations deal with themselves later.

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