Meat n’ Chill (Singapore) review

Rating: 5/5

Meat n’ Chill is a diner on 805 Bukit Timah Rd (6th Avenue Center). It has quite a few seats, with maybe 5-6 tables inside and a few more outdoors.

The interior is really to my liking. There are simple brown tables and wooden chairs. The walls are decorated with retro style of posters like these:

Photo credits

On one side of the diner, there are shelves filled with empty beer and wine bottles with beautiful retro design, as well as jam& ketchup bottles and some flowers.

The menu is easy to see and descriptions of the food are pretty self-explanatory.

I ordered a Three Little Pigs Burger with apple juice. The burger came with salad and some fries.

“Three little pigs” burger
Apple juice

The $18 burger was packed full with pork, lettuce, spam, onion and lettuce. The bread was soft, ingredients tasted fresh (although I thought that with both the spam and the pork it was slightly salty- but it’s not so bad!) and the fries were crispy.

I tasted some of the $17 Cajun Fried Chicken and $19 New York Strip as well. The chicken was crispy on the outside and very well cooked. The steak was also soft and super juicy!

With the tasty food, professional staff, great interior and the affordable prices, I’d visit the diner in future & recommend it to my friends too!

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