Din Tai Fung (Paragon Singapore) review

Just a few days ago, I visited Din Tai Fung, located in B1 of Paragon Mall (Singapore). Named one of the world’s top 10 best restaurants in a 1993 New York Times article, the restaurant maintains its position as a go-to place for many around the world, Singapore included.

Try out a meal at Din Tai Fung just once and you’ll realise that it completely deserves its popularity!

I’ve been eating at this restaurant at least 1-2 times a month ever since I moved to Singapore 10+ years ago.

It’s the restaurant I take my friends from Korea to, one I would hop by before shopping in Paragon, or recommend to anyone who asks for good eateries in Singapore.

The reason I still love this restaurant even after 10+ years of patronising it is straightforward: it has al the qualities that a good eatery should have that are simple but not easy to achieve.

1. Good food

The most important element that surprisingly, quite a few food outlets do not have.

You might have preferences, but once you do choose the food of your preference from the restaurant menu, you’ll like what you taste.

A must-try menu- the layer cake, a sort of steamed bread one can peel off layer by layer. The top and bottom layers are slightly chewy and the middle layers are soft.

2. Good service

Unsurprisingly, most of the staff at the restaurant speak Mandarin. But they’re friendly and helpful even for those who don’t speak Mandarin (like me)!

There are some staff who speak English, and even those who speak only Mandarin offer their assistance too!

3. Hygiene & cleanliness

The waitresses, waiters and chefs are attired neatly. Especially for those who work in the kitchen, they are fully armed with gloves, hair nets and necessary gear.

The kitchen is an open one through which all equipment and actions are visible. I can fully trust that the food made and served at the restaurant was made in a hygienic condition.


Hope you enjoyed my brief review (or just my thoughts on why it’s such a good restaurant hahah) of Din Tai Fung! If you did please give this post a “like” and check out my other posts on “Han Style”!

Cheers, Han Seol :))

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