My 5 favorite Korean Vloggers

With all the fast-paced and eye-catching video clips out there, it’s nice to watch slow-paced, calming vlogs once in a while. Here are my 5 favorite Korean vloggers I’d like to share with you!

1. day지현 (150k)

Park Ji Hyun (born in 1996) is a graduate of the Waseda University (Japan). She appeared on “Heart Signal Season 3” (2020) and on the first day, already made all the men on the show fall head over heels for her.

When I saw her in episode 1, I was amazed by her beauty- I can only imagine how the men of Heart Signal would’ve been awestruck by her!

After Heart Signal came to a close, Ji Hyun created a YouTube Channel. In her vlogs, she shares with her viewers how she spends time cooking (she’s a great chef), studying, working out and going out with friends.

Instagram: jeehyun._

2. Ondo (1.03m)

Ondo (real name unknown) is a vlogger who started out vlogging because she just loved taking photos and videos in her free time. Her vlogs are calming and aesthetically pleasing. Most of the vlogs show her cooking, going to work and spending time with her cat.

Instagram: on_do__

3. 로하Roha (518k)

Roha is a housewife in her 20s who’s equipped with incredible household skills- from cooking to arranging household materials and a fashion sense that makes her subscribers wonder what are the clothes she’s wearing.

Her vlogs make me want to whip up a meal of Korean cuisine and serve it on a beautiful platter!

Instagram: bemybela

4. 바라던 바다 BADACHANNEL (subscriber number unknown)

Born in 1999, Ha Ba Da is only 21 but she’s already graduated from uni (enrolled when she was 17 after home schooling) and started her own company!

She doesn’t upload her vlogs according to a regular schedule, but when she does update her channel, she shows herself at work (#CEO!), going out with friends, going to the salon and occasionally posts Q&As too.

Instagram: bada_ha

5. Jihyunkkung (1.44M)

Jung Ji Hyun is a fourth year uni student. In her vlogs, she cooks, goes to school, does part time jobs and meets up with friends. Her videos are simple yet popular- she already has a whopping 1.44 subscribers as of now!

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