My Top 15 Semi-Casual Restaurants in Singapore

You want to eat somewhere a little fancy- but not too fancy or pricey. Here are my tried-and-tested top 15 favorite semi-casual restaurants that I recommend for an outing with your friends!

1. Dancing Fish

Located at level 4 of Tang Plaza along 310 Orchard Road, this place is definitely one for lovers of Malay-Indo cuisine- or any good food! It opens from 11.30-2.30, then 5.30-9pm. Check out my detailed review on this great diner to find out more.


2. Sun with Moon

A screenshot of the website page

A Japanese restaurant that offers a quiet, relaxing ambience and simple, high quality Japanese cuisine, Sun with Moon is located at Wheelock Place at 501 Orchard Rd, #03 – 15. It opens from 11.30am to 2.15pm, then 2.30-5.15 for dine-in, and 11.30-2.15, then 2.30-5.15 for takeaways, from Monday to Sunday.

Sushi Tei and Denki Sushi have great food too, but the atmosphere of Sun with Moon is a little calmer than the two, which tend to have a busy, lively atmosphere.


3. Sushi Matsuo

A screenshot of a small part of the menu

I fell in love with this restaurant first when I walked into the place. A cute small grandfather’s clock hanging on the wall, the few simple tables, the lighting- the simple and classy interior was much to my liking. I fell in love the second time when I tasted the food.

This small restaurant at Goldhill Plaza opens from 11.30-2.30, then 6-10 Mondays to Saturdays, then 6-10pm on Sundays. My advice is for you to go maybe 10-15 minutes before 11.30 so that you can get your name down on the reservation book of the day as soon as possible. There’s competition! Prices tend to be higher in the evenings.


4. Jones the grocer

A screenshot of the web page

This place at Dempsey Hill is perfect for a casual Western-style brunch. It opens from 8am to 11pm and offers a wide range- just snack bites, delicious full meals, to drinks and desserts. While waiting for the food, you can also check out the wide array of sauces, wines, drinks and various foods on display for sale as well!


5. Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is the kind of a place you can bring your guest from overseas to with a guarantee of good service and good quality food. Located in various places like Paragon Orchard and City Square Mall, the restaurant promises delectable Chinese cuisine Mondays to Sundays from 11am to 9pm.

Check out my blog post on Din Tai Fung!


6. Taste Paradise

This Chinese restaurant is located at Scotts Square and Ion Orchard, with slightly differing opening hours. I don’t know about Scotts Square, but the last time I visited (pre-Covid), the queues were very, very long in front of the Ion outlet.

Yum, craving the custard bun, sweet & sour pork, mango pudding (and more…) just remembering this place.


7. The Soup Restaurant

I fell in love with the ginger chicken on my first visit to Soup Restaurant. Downing the traditional boiled soup immediately makes me feel warmer and healthier. Check out this restaurant at many of its locations (e.g. United Square, Paragon, etc)- opening hours differ!


8. Meat n’ Chill

A screenshot of the website

Open from 11.30- 2.30, then 5-9pm, this steakhouse diner is located at Sixth Avenue Center along 805 Bukit Timah Road. For a more detailed review, check out my blog post on Meat N’ Chill!


9. Long Beach Restaurant

Long Beach Restaurant showcases several impressive accolades on its website. One visit to the restaurant and you’ll know the awards are fully deserved!

I still can’t forget the taste of bamboo clam and sweet & sour pork I had after cycling at East Coast Park with my family.


10. Jumbo Seafood

Jumbo Seafood’s probably on the to-visit lists of most tourists to Singapore, because it probably offers the best chilli crab in the country! Take a bite of the fried bun dipped into the chili crab sauce, and another mouthful of the soft crab meat. Your first visit certainly won’t be your last.


11. Hai Di Lao

Hai Di Lao’s the largest hot pot chain in China, and for a reason. Walk into any of its outlets in Singapore (e.g. Novena, Somerset 313) and you’ll be able to enjoy not only good hot pot, clean and classic interiors, but also helpful, friendly and polite staff members!


12. Wild Honey

A screenshot of the Facebook page

Located at Mandarin Gallery and along Scotts Road, Wild Honey is an all-day breakfast restaurant that offers simple Western style cuisine. On top of the delicious food, I love the casual, comfortable vibe of the diner.

It’d be good to make a reservation call, especially if you’re planning to visit on the weekend! This place is pretty popular.


13. P.S. Cafe

A screenshot of the website

Located in places like Raffles City and Paragon, P.S. Cafe is a popular restaurant that offers aesthetically pleasing interiors, a generally quiet and calming ambience, and simple, tasty Western style cuisine.


14. SPizza

SPizza’s my go-to place with family and friends for actually good quality pizza. (It’s a different level altogether from unthawed frozen pizza! The fresh ingredients and perfectly crispy dough, yum!) The diner’s open from 12-2.30, then 6-10.30pm and is located at three places- Bukit Timah, Jalan Kayu and Havelock.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see the pizza being actually grilled in fire.


15. Crystal Jade

Located in various places like Novena Square, Bugis Junction and Takashimaya (etc more), Crystal Jade promises mouthwatering Chinese cuisine like Paradise Restaurant and Din Tai Fung do. Opening hours differ depending on the location!


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