Mukja Korean Chinese Restaurant Review


A few days ago, I visited a new Korean Chinese restaurant called “Mukja” which opened quite recently. It’s located along 275 Thomson Rd at Commontown Novena Regency and opens from 11:30am–2:30pm then 5–9:30pm on Mondays to Sundays (Public Holidays might affect opening hours).

The interior is simple and clean, with white walls (with a poster of Gong Yoo’s soju advertisement), a few cute small dolls wearing traditional Korean clothing and wooden tables and chairs.

I ordered a “jjamjamyeon”, a big bowl containing half of black bean sauce noodles (jjajangmyeon) and half of spicy seafood noodles (jjamppong) to share with my sister.

Of course, couldn’t miss out on tangsuyook (sweet and sour pork) too.

My take is that both types of noodles and the tangsukyook were all good.

The noodles and sauce were delicious, and the soup of the jjamppong was good, too. The tangsukyook was crispy on the surface and soft in the inside, not soggy at all despite being served with the sauce already poured on top. I liked the fact that the sauce of the tangsuyook wasn’t too sour- it often is the case in some restaurants- and that the pieces came in slender, easy for one-bite sizes.

The transport to and from this restaurant’s convenient too. There’s a bus stop right in front of the restaurant, and the Novena MRT is only 2-3 minutes walk away (right opposite).

I’d definitely re-visit this place!

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