Three Meals a Day of a Korean

Living in Singapore means being able to enjoy affordable and delicious food from many different countries. But some days, I just crave food from my home country.

Here’s a little TMI post of the three Korean meals I had a couple of days back!


Homecooked meal by mum

Clockwise: kimchi, ham& uh-muk (fishcake), myeol-chi (salted anchovies), gamja bokkgum (stir fried potatoes), dubu-jorim (grilled tofu).


A bite of delicious raspberry cake from “Dolcetto by Basilico” (Regent Singapore)!


At Korean restaurant “Dookki” (Suntec City, Singapore)

Ramen noodles, sausages, chewy rice cakes filled with cheese!


Delicious and high in calories

Top: Uh-muk (fish cake)

Left: tang-suk-yook (sweet and sour pork)

Right: Sundae (blood sausage)

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