40 Best Songs for Summer

Here’s my favorite mix of Korean, English and Japanese songs that make me feel like I’m lying stretched out on a bench chair with a glass of iced orange punch in one hand, watching summer waves under a sunny sky!

1. Ship and the Globe

2. Sunboat

3. Yellow Submarine

4. Sukina Hitoga Irukoto

5. Dolphin

6. Dancing Queen

7. Party in the USA

8. Call me maybe

9. Omi

10. Autumn Morning

11. Obsession

12. Dancing Queen

13. Secret Garden

14. Red flavor

15. Russian Roulette

16. Cheer up

17. Made in America

18. Island

19. Hola hola

20. Wannabe

21. Best song ever

22. We are never ever getting back together

23. Dalla

24. Forever young

25. Bboom Bboom

26. Love scenario

27. Love shot

28. Breathless

29. This is how we do

30. All about that bass

31. Hot N Cold

32. 22

33. Girlfriend

34. Here’s to never growing up

35. Somebody to you

36. Live while we’re young

37. Good time

38. Shut up and dance

39. Can’t stop the feeling!

40. Adventure of a lifetime

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