My 7 Favorite Korean Vloggers

I’ve previously posted on “My 5 favorite Korean Vloggers” and “My 5 favorite Korean study vloggers” (wow seems like I really like watching vlogs hehehe)

1. 클레어 Claire

Twenty-something year old Lee Do Won is a medical student, the mother of a 2 year old baby, writer and YouTuber. She motivates her subscribers with her dedication and hard work, truly spending twenty four hours like forty eight hours.

2. 써니랩Sunny Lab

써니랩Sunny Lab features Park Yeong Sun, doing her PhD at Harvard University. She uploads calming vlogs of her daily life routine, her study tips and occasional study-with-me videos at a library at Harvard itself!

3. 해니써니

Jo Hae-In is interning at Samsung Seoul Hospital and is the face of the legendary “Life of a Korean med student” video featuring her doing nothing but studying, eating and then really studying again as a then- medical student. She uploads study vlogs that really make me feel like I need to sit at my desk and open my books.

4. deemd

deemd really is the epitome of a productive, fruitful life. Through her vlogs, she shows herself studying overseas (e.g. London, Beijing), mastering her Mandarin, spending time with her lovely family, studying in Pinterest-worthy clothing, cooking and buying groceries. There’s nothing much special about her vlogs, but there’s something about them that made me- and 375k subscribers- hit the “subscribe” button.

5. 달씨Darcie 

Min Yeong, known as “Darcie”/”Dal-cie”, is a university student and a YouTube content creator under a content creation company ,”Youniv”. True to her known MBTI ENFP, she shares her experience transferring from Sunkyungkwan University to Yonsei University, her outfits of the day, make-up routine and everything in between with her bubbly, outgoing personality.

6. 하누

Twenty six year old Han Woo Ri, also known as “Hanu” in the channel, uploads various vlogs of her daily life- make-up routine, going to school, interning, and now, going to work. She’s not a full time YouTuber, but she uploads quite regularly.

7. 안소희

An So Hee, actress and member of “Wonder Girls”, true to her nickname of being called “dumplings” for her super cute cheeks and lovely demeanour, quite regularly uploads vlogs of her daily life, some of which feature quite a few familiar faces- like Sunmi, and Park Jin Young (CEO of JYP Entertainment) himself!

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