10 Popular Korean Mukbang YouTubers

Here is a list of 11 popular Korean Mukbang YouTubers with the distinctive traits that define their channels!

1. Zach Choi ASMR

-Known as “Zach Choi”

-Doesn’t speak much

-Calm and quiet eating

-Occasional collaboration videos e.g. with Stephanie Soo

2. 나도Nado

-Went viral because of the first video featuring her eating hotdogs

-Well-loved for being an adorable eater

3. 입짧은햇님

-One of the mukbang YouTubers with the best reputations in Korea

-Funny, open-minded and friendly personality

4. tzuyang쯔양

-Known for being able to eat ridiculously large amounts of food

-TMI: the size of her stomach is not much different from the average stomach size of ordinary people

5. [Dorothy]도로시

-Eats extremely spicy food without batting an eye

-Known for her large portions

6. 여수언니정혜영[Yeosu Unnie]

-Videos with casual and laid-back vibe that really make subscribers feel they’re just chatting and eating with a friend


-Known to be one of the YouTubers who were not involved in the controversial scandals of undeclared paid ads (with many of these YouTubers on this list as well)

-Occasionally features his adorable daughter in his videos

-Known for his friendly and humorous personality

8. YAMMoo

-Known for the life-sized food items (made by him) featured in his videos

9. 산적TV 밥굽남

-Known for his unique concept of a hunter who’s grilling meat fresh from the wild

10. 쏘영 Ssoyoung

-Also an actress

-Known for her bubbly, light-hearted personality

-Known for her hilarious and suspenseful seafood videos

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