More Than Family (2020) Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5

애비규환 | 다음영화
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“More than Family” is a comedy film featuring quite a few familiar faces like Krystal, Shin Jae Hwi, who recently starred in “True Beauty”,

최씨네 리뷰] '애비규환' 클리셰가 있었는데요, 없었습니다 - 아주경제
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Jang Hye Jin best known for her roles in “Parasite” and “Crash Landing on You”,

장혜진 "'기생충' 통해 연기하는 동력 얻었죠" | 연합뉴스
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기생충' 장혜진-박명훈, '사랑의 불시착'에서 남매로 또 만났다…'씬스틸러'는 현재 진행형 - 김아현 기자 - 톱스타뉴스
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Choi Deok Moo who most recently starred as the laundry shop owner (and a badass fighter) in drama”Vincenzo”

빈센조' 세탁소 최덕문, 가위로 철거용역 혼쭐 은둔고수 '반전' [결정적장면]
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Nam Moon Chul who received much attention for drama “Chip in”,

십시일반 유인호 형제-조카 관계정리: 독고철과, 유해준-독고선(최규진-김시은)! 매니져 문정욱 누구? [남자 등장인물 기본정보]
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Lee Hae-young who most recently starred in drama “River where the moon rises”

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Kang Mal Geum who is starring in drama”Daebak Real Estate”

Jang Nara And Kang Mal Geum Team Up As An Exorcist Dream Team In Upcoming  Drama | Soompi
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and many more.

The movie centers around the protagonist, To-Il (Krystal), who gets pregnant after having a relationship with her tutee. After having an argument with her mother and step father, both of whom are against her giving birth to her unborn child, she goes on a journey to find her biological father.

My personal take is that the acting is good. All actors play their roles excellently and naturally. The general flow of the plot wasn’t exactly what I liked, because the main character’s decision to look for her biological father seemed out-of-the-blue and unexplained. The rationale for her bold decision to hide her pregnancy completely from her parents until she was 5 months pregnant because she did not want to be dissuaded from giving birth by her parents, was something that was not exactly explained or showed, too.

K-Movie Review] 'More Than Family': A Delightful Family Comedy Film about  “Searching for Daddies” - ZAPZEE
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I do like the insightful messages about family and relationships weaved into the plot and bits of humor underlying scenes here and there, though.

Overall I think it is a pretty well made movie, just not the type of a film I like. I would recommend it for a light-hearted watch.

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