Diet Methods of 6 Korean Actresses

With Covid restrictions, weight loss/ maintenance has become more challenging than ever. To inspire you on your journey to health and goal weight, here are the diet journeys of six Korean actresses!

1. Jung So Min

정소민 01
Photo credits

Jung So Min is a 32 year old Korean actress born in 1989, under Blossom Entertainment. She’s most well known for her works like “The Smile has left your eyes”

Photo credits Actor Seo In Guk and actress Jung So Min in drama “The smile has left your eyes” (2018)
Photo Credits

“Because this is my first life”,

Photo credits
이번 생은 처음이라 (tvN 월화드라마) OST - 벅스
Photo credits Actress Jung So Min and actor Lee Min Gi in “Because this is my first life” (2017)


김영광, 정소민에 고마움 표시! 이게 바로 츤데레? 디데이 15회 - YouTube
Photo credits Actor Kim Yeong Gwang and actress Jung So Min in “D-day” (2015)
정소민, 힘든 김영광에 "너무 미안해..." 눈물 폭발! 디데이 18회 - YouTube
Photo credits

and “My father is strange”.

아버지가 이상해 정소민 패션, 옷 정보! 티셔츠, 원피스, 20대 여자 여름 코디, 여름 바캉스룩 : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits
아버지가 이상해 - 정소민, 이준에 ˝왜 이렇게 잘해주세요?˝.20170528 - YouTube
Photo credits Actress Jung So Min and actor Lee Jun in “My father’s strange” (2017)

As someone who used to dance through most of her academic years, Jung So Min had always been a fit and lean actress. But after she put on a little weight for her role in drama “Playful Kiss” (2010), she garnered much attention for her 10kg weight loss in preparation for her subsequent roles in “D-day” and “My father’s strange”.

Her diet method received much attention in Korean media because of the healthy and gradual way she lost the 10kg over a year and a half.

First, she revealed in an interview that she grew various plants and fruits, like cabbage, chilli pepper, tomatoes and blueberries in the small garden in the balcony of her home. To maintain her health while losing weight, she enjoyed growing and eating the fruits and vegetables in her back garden.

정소민 집공개,조카 열무 모습-리틀 포레스트1회::오늘의 이야기
Photo credits The garden and balcony of Jung So Min’s house, which she revealed in the variety show “Little Forest” (2019)

She also made sure to eat Korean cuisine for lunch

정소민 다이어트 운동&식단 :: 윤블리 취미생활
Photo credits

and cut down the portion of her dinner, but made sure to include food high in fiber.

“Little Forest” (SBS, 2019)

She exercised by taking walks,

Credits: Jung So Min’s instagram

and going for yoga and pilates classes.

To tone up her legs and relax her body, she stretched frequently and visited oriental medicine clinics for acupuncture treatment.

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on

Using all these methods, she successfully lost back the 10kg she had gained while filming “Playful kiss” over a period of 1.5 years.

뉴스핌 - '마음의 소리' 이광수 여친 '애봉이' 정소민, 청순함 속 은근 '섹시미' 과시
Photo credits

2. Go Min Si

Go Min Si is a 26 year old Korean actress born in 1995, under Mystic Story. She’s a rising young star most well known for her works in “The Witch: Part 1: The Subversion”

마녀 고민시(명희) 나이 /김다미(자윤) 친구 : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits Movie “The Witch: Part 1: The Subversion” (2018)- actress Go Min Si and actress Kim Da Mi
김다미와 고민시,<마녀>의 동갑내기 배우가 관객을 놀래키다
Photo credits

Netflix hit “Sweet Home” (2020)

스위트홈' 씹어먹은 여고생 고민시…'마녀'보다 13㎏ 뺐죠 > 채널 | 밴쿠버 중앙일보
Photo Credits “Sweet home” (2020)
스위트홈` 고민시, 매력 포텐 제대로 터졌다 - 스타투데이
Photo Credits Actress Go Min Si and actor Lee Do Hyun

and “Love Alarm”

Love Alarm" Actress Go Min Si In Talks To Join "Jirisan" Opposite Jun Ji  Hyun And Ju Ji Hoon - Koreaboo
Photo credits

Go Min Si revealed in an interview that she deliberately put on weight for her role in “The Witch: Part 1: The Subversion” to about 58kg, but got back her weight of 48kg for her ballerina role in “Sweet Home”.

She enjoys various exercises, like yoga,

영화 마녀 배우 고민시 요가룩도 섹시 소화 S라인 볼륨몸매 : 네이버 포스트
Photo credits


Photo credits


고민시] 힐링타임이 시작되었습니다! : 네이버 포스트
Photo credits

and hiking, even with her fellow “Sweet Home” colleagues like Park Gyu Yeong

산으로가는 MZ세대! 등산 패션 스타일도 변한다...연예인 등산 패션 이모저모 : 네이버 포스트
Photo credits with fellow actress Park Gyu Yeong

and Lee Si Young.

미사 (@miminshi2) | Twitter
Photo credits with fellow actress Lee Si Young

3. Kang So Ra

Photo credits

Kang So Ra is a 31 year old Korean actress born in 1990, under Plum A&C. She’s most well known for her works like “Secret Zoo”,

싱글리스트 모바일 사이트, '해치지않아' 강소라, '털털' 매력 가득 사자 변신...1인2역 연기 도전
Photo credits Movie “Secret Zoo” (2020)


90년생' 써니 짱 강소라, 2011 충무로의 놀라운 발견[인터뷰] - 매일경제
Photo Credits Movie “Sunny” (2011)
영화 써니(2011) 과속스캔들(2008) – 유진갤러리
Photo credits

and “Misaeng”

미생 - 강소라 | Girl
Photo credits “Misaeng” (2014)
미생 강소라vs안영이 | 한경닷컴
Photo credits

She’s also well known for losing approximately 24kg to achieve her goal of enrolling into Dong-guk University as an acting student, and eventually debuting as an actress. In her interview, she revealed that she adhered to 3 rules for her diet:

First, to never over-eat, and to eat all three meals. She had yogurt and fruit for breakfast, 1/2 bowl of rice and vegetable-based side dishes,

and for dinner, cabbage, sweet potatoes and beef.

Red Chili on White Plastic Container
Pexels by Kindel Media. Sweet potatoes
Half of fresh juicy cabbage on blue surface
Pexels by Laker
Flat Lay Photography of Slice of Meat on Top of Chopping Board Sprinkled With Ground Peppercorns
Pexels by Lukas

Second, she did not eat after 6pm, refraining from eating “ya-shik” (snacks eaten at night).

Third, she kept herself as active as possible. On top of engaging in aerobic workouts, she also took up ballet.

강소라가 사랑한 발레핏 (발레+피트니스) [비욘드바디 발산점] : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits

4. Lee Ill Hwa

이일화 나이 고향
Photo credits

Lee Ill Hwa is a 50 year old Korean actress born in 1972, under Big Boss Entertainment. She’s a veteran actress known for countless dramas and movies, but most well known to the younger audience for recent works like the Reply series (1994, 1997, 1988)

이일화 "응답하라 1988" 캐스팅, 이혼 후 결혼 러브스토리 재조명
Photo credits Reply 1994, when she starred as lead actress Go Ara’s mum
부산 바다처럼 정 많은 이일화 씨, 반갑습니다 - 아시아경제
Photo credits Reply 1997, when she starred as lead actress Jung Eun Ji’s mum

이일화(응답하라 1988) - 우만위키
Photo credits Reply 1998, when she starred as lead actress Hyeri’s mum

“Master of Revenge”

마스터 - 국수의 신 - 이일화-공승연, "미안하다" 이상엽 죽음 앞에 화해.20160630 - YouTube
Photo credits “Master of revenge” (2016)

and “She was Pretty”

그녀는 예뻤다' 박서준, 황정음과 가족사진까지 "지서방"
Photo credits “She was Pretty” (2015)

Even at age 50, Lee Ill Hwa is known for her slim and fit figure. In the photo of her with Park Bo Gum on the trip to Phuket in their team of “Reply 1998” actors, she was initially mistaken for Park Bo Gum’s rumored girlfriend!

방송]박보검, 응팔 포상 휴가서 미모의 여친 공개(?) | YTN
Photo credits Lee Ill Hwa and Park Bo Gum on their trip to Phuket with their fellow “Reply 1998” actors

Lee Ill Hwa, in her interviews, said that she had taken ballet classes at “Korean National Ballet Academy”, which helped her to become more flexible and tone up her legs. Her hobbies also include exercises like regular hiking and yoga.

On top of exercise, Ill Hwa regularly drinks boiled water made from barley and brown rice

동서] 동서 보리차(10g티백*30개입) 300g - 이마트몰, 당신과 가장 가까운 이마트
Photo Credits Barley tea sold in Korea
국산유기농발아현미차, 신세계적 쇼핑포털 SSG.COM
Photo credits Brown rice tea

and detox juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Glass and plastic bottle with natural fruit juice on table near bowl with salad against crop blurred lady having meal
Pexels, by Anete Lusina
Carrot Fruit Beside Lemon Fruit on Black Wooden Table
Pexels by Pixabay

It’s no wonder she’s a diet inspiration to many even at her age!

이일화 20대 아냐…청바지에 흰 티만 입어도 완벽한 몸매 | 한경닷컴
Photo Credits

5. Kim Yoo Jung

2020.11 김유정 새 프로...
Photo credits

Kim Yoo Jung is a 21 year old actress born in 1999 under awesome.ent. She’s most well known for her works like

“Love in the Moonlight”

김유정 "'구르미 그린 달빛', 행복한 꿈 같아"
Photo credits
구르미 그린 달빛 종영, "여러분의 세상에도 늘 라온이 가득하시길 바랍니다…코스모스 꽃밭에서 유종의 미" - 조선일보
Photo Credits Drama “Love in the Moonlight”; actors Kwak Dong Yeon, Park Bo Gum with actress Kim Yoo Jung

“Secret Door”

비밀의 문' 김유정, 탐정으로 변신해 분위기 변화 꾀한다…"흥미진진" - 아시아경제
Photo credits
SBS [비밀의 문] - 지담(김유정), 기생분장과 세자(이제훈)와의 썸 - YouTube
Photo credits Drama “Secret door” (2014)

and “Moon Embracing the Sun”.

Photo Credits
해를 품은 달> 아역 4인방 사진 공개 - 오마이스타
Photo Credits “Moon Embracing the Sun” (2012)

To maintain her weight, Kim Yoo Jung sticks to a diet consisting of cabbage, salad and sweet pumpkins on filming days, but on her off-days, tries to add more nutritious food like sweet potato rice to her diet. She munches on healthy snacks like dried crispy yellowtail (fish), too.

She was frequently seen at the gym engaged in cross-fit.

Photo credits
Photo credits

6. Jung Yumi

배우 정유미
Photo credits

Jung Yu Mi is a 38 year old actress born in 1983, under Management Soop. She’s most well known for her works like “Train to Busan”

부산행' 감독이 마동석 부인으로 정유미 캐스팅한 이유 - 인사이트
Photo Credits Actor Ma Dong Suk and actress Jung Yu Mi in movie “Train to Busan” (2016)

“I Need Romance”

정유미, ′난 안 돌아가′ 냉정하게 진욱을 잘라내다 로맨스가필요해2012 13화 - YouTube
Actor Lee Jin Wook and actress Jung Yu Mi in “I need romance” (2012)

“The School Nurse Files”

주말eOTT] 넷플릭스에서 가장 이상한 드라마 '보건교사 안은영'(리뷰) - 이뉴스투데이
Photo Credits “School Nurse Files” (2020)

and “Discovery of Romance”.

연애의 발견 - 나무위키
Photo Credits “Discovery of Love” (2014)

To maintain her lean figure, she enjoys a variety of exercises like Tanz play,

Photo Credits From Jung Yumi’s instagram

bungee physio,

정유미 맞아? 하다하다 이젠 플라잉 요가로 '러블리♥' 폭발 - 조선일보
Photo credits from Jung Yumi’s instagram


Photo of Woman Doing Yoga
Pexels by Li Sun

and attends Personal Training (PT) sessions as well.

Photo credits Jung Yu Mi’s PT trainer (FIY: who also trained other celebs like Hyun Bin)

On the variety show “Summer Vacation”, she revealed that although she sticks to protein shakes on filming days, she tries to focus on eating healthy meals and exercises portion control.

여름방학 정유미 박서준 최우석 '닭가슴살 카레밥' 만드는 방법
Photo Credits

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