Organic Smooth Move Tea Review

RATING: 4/5 I’m always on a diet (kind of). On days high-calorie food entices me more than usual (which are many days), I think of the not so funny joke: “What goes up like a Ferrari but comes down like a bicycle? The answer: my fat percentage.” I’m a bit of a skeptic, so IContinue reading “Organic Smooth Move Tea Review”

How K-Food Dalgona came about

What I’d like to introduce in this post is dalgona, which, contrary to what many believe, is completely different from dalgona coffee. I like to making dalgona with my family. As a Korean living in Singapore, I like to feel close to home now and then. We even bought a dalgona making set the lastContinue reading “How K-Food Dalgona came about”

SG HealthCare Body Spin Review

RATING: 4/5 I bought an “SG HealthCare Body Spin” a year ago because of some really bad muscle cramps I was having in my legs. The product looks like this! I love the pink color of the roller. The design’s pretty and simple. How to use Press the “Power” button and you’ll see a glowContinue reading “SG HealthCare Body Spin Review”