“Dancing Fish” (Tangs) review

RATING: 5/5 Just a few days ago, I visited “Dancing Fish” at Tangs, Singapore with my mum. It’s a diner on the 4th level of Tangs, a shopping mall in Orchard, Singapore. (Just a heads-up, when you scan the Singpass QR code, you’ll get a “Gratia Pte. Ltd” instead of something like “Dancing Fish”.) AccordingContinue reading ““Dancing Fish” (Tangs) review”

Organic Smooth Move Tea Review

RATING: 4/5 I’m always on a diet (kind of). On days high-calorie food entices me more than usual (which are many days), I think of the not so funny joke: “What goes up like a Ferrari but comes down like a bicycle? The answer: my fat percentage.” I’m a bit of a skeptic, so IContinue reading “Organic Smooth Move Tea Review”