K-Beauty in Goryeo era

In drama “Scarlet Heart Ryeo”, fourth prince So (actor Lee Jun Ki) wears a mask to cover a “hideous” knife scar on his face. He’s feared and shunned not only because of his ruthless killings but also because of the scar. While the story about the fourth prince’s scar is a fiction created by theContinue reading “K-Beauty in Goryeo era”

10 Korean phrases you should never translate to English

Literal translation is never a good idea. You risk coming across as either/a combination of rude, confused, angry, offended… basically an infinite list of many things that could go wrong in the process of meaning one thing and sounding like you mean something else. Here are the top 10 Korean words you should never translateContinue reading “10 Korean phrases you should never translate to English”

How Korea was founded on garlic and quarantine: mythology

“Garlic is the reason Koreans have in-body defenses against bacteria and viruses.” Just to get facts straight from the start (in this age of ludicrous fake news), here’s professionals’ take “Professionals are skeptical. ‘There is no evidence that Koreans, or other populations, have specifically strong adaptive immune systems’ to the virus, said Gurel. Asia TimesContinue reading “How Korea was founded on garlic and quarantine: mythology”

How & whys of Seo Ye Ji’s fashion in drama “It’s okay to not be okay”

Seo Ye Ji in the drama “It’s okay not to be okay” plays Go Mun Yeong, an unpredictable, fiery-tempered beautiful female lead who seems frighteningly cold-hearted and brutal but with a closer look, even surprisingly vulnerable and loveable. Portraying a rich and popular author of children’s books, Seo Ye Ji is often dressed in clothesContinue reading “How & whys of Seo Ye Ji’s fashion in drama “It’s okay to not be okay””

SG HealthCare Body Spin Review

RATING: 4/5 I bought an “SG HealthCare Body Spin” a year ago because of some really bad muscle cramps I was having in my legs. The product looks like this! I love the pink color of the roller. The design’s pretty and simple. How to use Press the “Power” button and you’ll see a glowContinue reading “SG HealthCare Body Spin Review”