My 5 Favorite Korean Study Vloggers

Sometimes when I simply don’t have the motivation to start studying, watching study vloggers helps me to have the urge to suddenly take out my most aesthetically pleasing highlighters, pens and school books. Here are my top favorite vloggers who motivate me to study. 1. Sarang Choi (273k) Sarang Choi is a Korean dentristy studentContinue reading “My 5 Favorite Korean Study Vloggers”

How to get A for A levels General Paper Essay

A fixed system makes any job so much easier. I got an A for General Paper (A levels), and below are the rules & system I had in place throughout my 2 years of Junior College (high school). <STUDYING SYSTEM> Gather good phrases, evidence and opinions Even extraordinary legends like Charles Dickens and Jane AustenContinue reading “How to get A for A levels General Paper Essay”